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Mens Fraternity: Quest for Authentic Manhood
Mens Fraternity: Quest for Authentic Manhood
Robert M. Lewis

Imagine the transforming power of men coming together within your church to honestly examine their lives and take the courageous steps necessary to embrace authentic biblical manhood. That is the goal of Men's Fraternity, the three-year men's ministry curriculum developed by Robert Lewis.
The Quest for Authentic Manhood is the first in this series. Designed to help a man embrace a bolder and more noble concept of manhood, Quest also takes a man inside himself to consider the forces that are shaping or misshaping his personal manhood. In doing so, this 24-session study empowers a man to heal life-hindering wounds while building a more compelling vision of masculinity that will bless both his life and the lives around him.

Quest also fosters deep spiritual and emotional growth. This powerful masculine experience strips away the myths of manhood to reveal a man's true identity and pursuits. What's more, it's a proven way to help men find a real connection . . . with each other, with the church, and most importantly, with God.

Designed in a fill-in-the-blank format, this workbook allows viewers to be actively involved in following each of the 24 sessions. Also includes questions for small-group discussion.

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